Thursday, May 17, 2012

Super Excited!

I recently purchased an additional Fluval light for the tank.  Each light is 13w a piece for a total of 26w of light into the tank.

How much light is good light?

So, 2w per gallon is generally okay...  I have a 7.9 gallon tank, so that would be a requirement of 15w by minimum standards and that's more than a single 13w...  Maybe okay for low light plants, but I have some high light starved plants in there.  As the article mentions, 3-4w is best with added CO2..  26w should be a nice middle ground of 3-4w per gallon of water.

I've also started to see some new growth from the HC that was dying back.  Likely due to acclimation and adjusting to the new conditions.  (submerged vs emmersed)

I'll be doing a 50% water change today, the nitrites are high and have been for the past few days with no reprieve.  Though I have sky high Nitrates so that is evidence that the nitrite is being converted to Nitrate...  so the bacteria are there..  just might be more bacteria producing the nitrite than can be consumed...

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