Monday, May 21, 2012


I was excited to see some pearling - evidence of plant exhalation which is a great sign.  It's not excessive, and so in photos it may not show unless I had a super crazy good camera..  but it's pearling none the less...  tiny bubble of oxygen are being released from the leaves of the plants - specifically the HC leaves and the Hygros..

 So, you can see the browned out dead old portions of the plant...  these were the emersed growth from when I first got the plant...  Despite the die back, there are little tiny new leaves and steams starting to grow through...  so, give it some time and it will begin to carpet...  They were certainly pearling as well.

To the left, you can see the regrowth on the Vals that died back...  I've also seen new shoots from the swords both amazon and argentine..  and the Dwarf lilies are just amazing as always.  The most surprise I have had is with the Hygros...  they very rarely have shed any leaves..  and usually they are the worst in replanting.  They've been growing fantastically, and the interesting part is how the new leaves are growing in on top almost in a swirly way...

I'm not sold on the Pennywart still - maybe I didn't plant them correctly, but I'll keep them in for now.

The Lace Javafern has new growth as well as the Anubia I propagated.  If only the tank would finish it's cycle so I could move in the fish/snails and the final anubia...

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