Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 2

Added the daily CO2, some API CO2 Booster to the tank this morning.  Tested the Ammonia - went down to about 5ppm - which is where I want it.  The driftwood is leaching tannin a bit..  not a problem, but I increased the filter to max flow to let the carbon clear up the water.

Got bits of the HC floating on the top...  likely from when I portioned up the plugs - no big deal.  I'll fish those out with a net at some point. Already seeing some new growth!  It's little, but adds up in the end.  Checked the Ammonia again this evening and it's at about 4ppm.  Tomorrow I'll be testing it again in the morning to see if I need to add any additional ammonia.  4-5ppm is perfect, and as soon as I start seeing some nitrites, I'll know we're in good condition for cycling.

Dwarf Lillies

Best image of the tank as a whole I could get.

Still got some oxygen bubbles from when the tank was filled up...


  1. I like your step by step approach. Great photos! What other fish do you plan to add?

  2. I'm going to be adding a Betta, I have an oto, but I want to get two more otos and I have two nerite snails I will be adding. The betta, oto, and snails are in a 3gallon currently until the new tank is cycled.

  3. I look forward to more posts chronicling your project. I noticed on your previous posts that you had pics of Whiskey...where are the dachshunds?

  4. The day I get a backyard I get dachshunds.