Sunday, May 6, 2012

Forgot about the snails....

So, the new plants I received (vals, HC, Pennywart..  and microswords) were unfortunately showing evidence of pond snails.

They were nice to include a free Nerite snail..  but pond snails are a no no!  Why?  Well, they reproduce quickly if there is food waste and can overpopulate quickly.  They also eat plants, not just algae.  So I'd rather not have those - but if I do, I suppose I'll need to get an Assassin Snail to eat them all up.  Lets avoid that...

So, I did a saltwater dip of the plants..  Using Aquarium Salt, I dissolved that into a bucket of water and dipped the plants in for about 30 seconds.  Then removed them and rinsed them in clean fresh water.  Good thing I did this as I did find at least 2 little dead pond snails.  I'm just hoping that any eggs that may have been laid were also nixed.

Instead, enjoy this video of whiskey!

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