Sunday, May 20, 2012

A few days..

So...  been a few days since I've provided an update on the tank.  I'm still showing high nitrite - and the ammonia I add each day is getting consumed.  I'm still getting nitrate readings, but they fluctuate based on plant consumption...  I'll do another water change tomorrow...  The nitrites and nitrates are showing little to no effect on the pond snails..  they've began to grow - I'm about to surrender, at least until I can get an assassin snail...

Speaking of snails - I've been able to keep track of one Nerite in my 3gallon waiting tank...  the second one is MIA - I've looked everywhere, but it likes to burrow in the sand..  just hoping it didn't happen to die..  I'll keep an eye out.

The oto unfortunately did not make it - likely due to starvation, my attempts to feed him were unsuccessful as the beta decided it really likes anything I put in the tank be it algea wafer or zucchini.  At a later time I may consider another attempt with otos.  The beta however has sustained some tail damage - either biting or harassment of the other inhabitants resulting in biting..  I'm thinking it's likely boredom to be honest - yes beta's can get bored...  The water in the 3 gallon is pristine by the testing, and I'm diligently keeping it that way to promote healthy regrowth and prevent any bacterial infections like fin rot.

A bit of algae is growing on the new tank walls - I'm okay with this as it will provide good nourishment for the nerites once they are re-homed..  but that does signify that I need more CO2..

I'm not liking the pennywort and I will be removing it in place for another stem plant - surprisingly the Hygros are growing like CRAZY!  I'm so shocked by this as they usually drop leaves when replanted due to stress and regrow - I've not seen any leave shedding at all...  They'll make for a nice mid-plant and I may end up getting some other hygros to replace the pennywort.  Maybe some Water Sprite - Also looking at finding a floating plant - not duckweed though..  maybe some water lettuce..   I just want to make sure the HC gets enough light..  I may have to anchor the floating plants to a specific area...  depends on how well the Vals grow back in...

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