Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 5 - Nitrite Spike

So, no more dosing of any gluteral product for now...  the vals don't look dead, but I'm watching them to see how things go - between the shock of a new tank after being replanted, the salt dip, and then the gluteral, I'm sure they're just having some time to establish themselves.

HC - I've noticed some die-off, but I'm considering that may be attributed to acclimation in a submerssive vs emerssive state...  there is still green growth, so I'm anticipating some die off and then rebirth...

I've moved the filter up over the water line to help oxygenate the water..  I may potentially add in an airstone pump I have laying around...

But, now for the good news!  Did a test on my this morning...

Ammonia        4ppm
Nitrite        1ppm
Nitrate        0ppm
pH 7.6

I'm still at around 3-4ppm...  always so hard to judge the colors on the test paper...  it's close to 4, but just a touch lighter..., tested for Nitrates and of course 0 as expected.  Surprisingly, I was at 1ppm Nitrite!  Hurray!  Evidence that the cycling has started and soon, Nitrosococcus bacteria will be munching at ammonia and then Nitrospira bacteria will swoop in and start converting that Nitrite into Nitrate.

Feels good to make some headway.

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