Friday, May 4, 2012

In the begining...

Ah, the intro.. Let me break it down: 

  • Reason: I'm starting a new tank and I want to photo journal it's journey into becoming awesome. 
  • What you'll find here: Success, Complications, Resolutions, and Pictures. 
  • Who I am: Just someone who got into Aquascaping! 

 Okay let me get into a bit more about that actually...

Once I won some goldfish at a school fair.  Begged my parents to keep it.  We got a bowl and a filter, and one of those little castle decorations.  When we had to move, we gave them to our neighbors.  Then in college I got a Betta since we were allowed to have fish.  Lets be honest, I knew nothing about bettas and had it in a horrible not even half gallon thing...  needless to say, I was a betta torturer/murderer.  It died of course...  

I started getting into going to aquariums.  You get to see some cool things there.  Most awesome thing seen?  Sea Dragon.  Those things are awesome.  

Years later, a friend of mine got into aquascaping, showed me pictures of his tank and the plants.  That's pretty cool I thought.  Sadly, no funds were available for me to get into it.  Then I got a job - a real job...  a Co-worker got a betta for her desk.  I originally considered getting a shrimp - or doing like an eco-sphere thing.  Well, I ended up with a betta and a 1 gallon tank...  I started doing a lot of research on bettas and aquariums and aquascaping and aquatic plants.  Soon after I upgraded to a 3 gallon tank with more natural plants. (wanted a larger tank for more plants and something enclosed so that mishap with someone dumping a ton of fishfood into my tank and nearly killing my fish would not happen.)  

When some things changed in my life, I needed to take the tank home, were I have cats..  cats and acrylic tanks are not a good combination..  So I decided to upgrade to a glass tank.  And thus I purchased the Fluval Flora Aquarium Kit. 

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