Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cyanobacteria Infection

Well, I ended up getting a Cyanobacteria infection in the tank.  Manual removal was unsuccessful...  and mostly this is caused by the lack of Nitrate in the tank.  I've been regularly testing my water and I've gotten 0ppm for ammonia, nitrite and nitrates across the board.

I was unable to secure a critter that would eat the cyano such as an Abalone Snail.  I'm considering that my biological filter may be in need of some new animal life if only to add to the nitrogen cycle.  Or, I'll need to dose the tank with Potassium Nitrate.  In the mean time, I ended up dosing the tank with some anti-biotics.  I didn't do a full blackout, but did a brownout, basically turned off my lights.  I stopped CO2 and added an air stone.

Some of the plants had become overgrown since I left the tank to it's own nature for the past 2 weeks or so...  and unfortunately, some of the plants didn't really make it.  The glosso...  too much of a pain in the ass. I've decided to remove the glosso completely and stick with the dwarf sag.  The dwarf sag is doing wonderful and has even produced some runners.

Yesterday was the weeding out of the tank, trimmed back a lot...  but I got new ferts, put in some root tabs, added some macro ferts and today some micros...  got my replacement CO2 canisters, replaced my CO2 indicator fluid, cleaned out the filter and added new carbon to it.

Ottos are munching on some zucchini, even the snails came to feast a bit on it.  All in all, the dosing of the tank and other provisions seemed to work - while there was plant casualties it was successful and now the tank is nice and clean and bright.

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